Antonin Lhotsky

Cinematographer/editor/producer Antonin Lhotsky is a graduate of F.A.M.U., the Czechoslovakia Film Academy in Prague. He has taught film at a number of Canadian film schools and has been a Professor of Film and Video Production at York University in Toronto for the last 10 years.

As a Canadian filmmaker, Antonin has accumulated more than 100 film credits, mostly in cinematography but also as producer, director and editor in documentary and theatrical films. He has also worked on several multi-screen projects including Taming of the Demons (1986) which received a special Genie Award (Canada's top film honour) for Outstanding Film Achievement.

During recent years, Antonin was Associate producer/cinematographer for the Karen Shopsowitz’s documentary A Place to Save Your Life, about Jewish refugees in Shanghai during World War II; and cinematographer for the half-hour drama The Visit, the feature film My Script Doctor and three short 35mm films: Island, sancesse and the award winning The Offering, which has 60 awards at more than 430 film festivals around the world, with 9 awards for Best Cinematography.

Antonin was cinematographer for My Father’s Camera (National Film Board of Canada) which won the prestigious Peabody Award in 2002. He recently finished a short experimental film titled Last Year at Killaloe and a docudrama, The Last Illusion (As a Cinematographer/Producer).