Windsong journeys: St Helena Premiere

Taking work 'home' can generate its own anxiety; turning the screening into some other celebration can help, so this screening was turned, oddly perhaps, into a celebration of St Helena Girls Cricket! .

In the family home in which I grew up on St Helena there was a piano and a little organ.  On the organ was an assortment of trophies.  On one of the trophies  was inscribed  "St Helena Girls Cricket League."  The trophy was present in 1911. My paternal grandmother was, apparently, a keen cricketer, and the cup would have been presented to her all those years ago. I recall her telling me that while men bowled 'over arm', women bowled 'under'. She must've been quite a remarkable woman-there was also a harp that she apparently played in her earlier days. So the screening of Sathima's Windsong in 2011 marked the one hundredth anniversary of the presentation of this cup. St Helena Girls Cricket has been long, long defunk.

The opening shot of Sathima's Windsong is of the sea washing up on Sandy Bay Beach,  St Helena -the birthplace of Sathima's grandmother.

I was sorry that the organizers were a bit slack on the advertizing which likely explained by there were so few people present. It was very different from the full house I had for the screening of 100 Men in this same venu in 2008.



audience a bit thin on the ground.
tea. .