District Six Museum Screening

The folks at the D6 Museum decided to make this screening part of their Womens' Week programme, and I appreciated the idea.  I  was really grateful for the great  care that Dean Jates (who works at the museum) took to ensure things were 'just right' for the evening -beautiful sound system, thoughtful placing of the screen, and Dean is responsible for the photographs that were taken that night.

For me, this was an important screening on a number of accounts: it was a way of thanking the museum's staff, particularly the director Bonita Bennet, for their help and generosity in the making of the film -allowing me to use the images, both from the permanent display and their archives, that feature so prominantly in the film. These images were crucial. Sathima's Windsong is an integral part of the museum itself, which was conceived of as a place for reflection on the larger history of apartheid's displacements, especially in Cape Town. Vincent Kolby, who appears in the film, is also widely cited on the walls of the museum.

The post-screening Q&A and conversation was lively and thoughtful, with appreciation being expressed for 'telling the story' of this otherwise 'marginalized' artist. Folks who knew Vincent Kolby also wanted to celebrate his contribution. There was a lovely intimacy about this screening.

I liked the presense and questions of young people who talked about their own film and/or music productions. Some of these also knew Shaheen Ariefdien, founding member of Prophets of the City -that politically astute and formative Cape Flats hip hop group of the eighties. Shaheen  did his Masters degree in Social Anthropology at York and I was privileged to supervise his work on hip hop. He offered important advice on an earlier cut of Sathima's Windsong. 

A copy of Sathima's Windsong has been deposited at the Museum. Copies of the DVD  are on sale at the museum's bookstall. 

The photographs were taken by Dean Jates and I thank the museum for allowing me to display them here.

Introductions: Bonita Bennett, Director D6 Museum
nice to have these young folks interested
after screening conversation
signing the DVD!!